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Divorcing a bully? Take these proactive steps to protect yourself

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Divorce

Yes, divorces are tough — some of them more so than others. Those divorcing a bully or someone who prefers to control things often have an especially hard time.

The poor conduct of a bullying spouse while divorcing can cause intimidation, anxiety and even fear. Most behaviors are merely vocal outbursts or empty threats, but you should still take preventive steps to ensure your safety.

Build a support network

Unfortunately, this means telling a few others about your concerns and what you are going through, but it is essential to get emotional support. For example, you might feel like giving in to your spouse’s demands after an especially tough day. Those who care about you can help you get through hard moments like these. They can also build a ring of protection around you if you fear violence or abuse.

Assess your threat level

Avoid viewing your immediate situation from a place of hope. Instead, focus on your spouse’s current conduct through an objective lens. Do they make you feel afraid? Are they threatening violence? Do you believe you are in physical danger?

As an extra precaution, it can help to see a therapist about your worries to obtain an unbiased point of view. Seek immediate protection if you believe your spouse could physically harm you or someone you care about.

Have a nest egg

If possible, start putting away some cash to accommodate your needs in an emergency. Save enough to pay for a hotel and transportation should you need to make a hasty departure from your spouse.

Avoid saving significant sums, though, because your spouse and their counsel could claim you are hiding assets from the property division stage of divorce.

Finally, talk with your legal counsel about your concerns. They can suggest options under Florida law (such as a protective order) if you need enhanced protection.