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Modify Your Florida Divorce Orders

In the years after your divorce is finalized, your life – and the lives of your children and former spouse – changes. You may begin a new relationship, move to a new location, seek a new job or earn a promotion. Your former spouse’s needs or opportunities may evolve, as will those of your children.

In these cases, you may find that your existing child custody, child support or alimony orders are no longer appropriate for your or your children’s financial, medical or living situations. As a dedicated family law attorney with over 20 years of experience, I can help you navigate the strict process of filing a formal modification petition. At my firm, the Law Office of Karen C. Ozyjowski, P.A., I and my team bring focus, timeliness and reliability to your post-divorce modification request to ensure it is filed promptly and accurately.

Why Do You Need A Formal Modification Petition?

If you have maintained an amicable relationship with your former spouse, you may be tempted to make a verbal agreement with them that changes how often you see your children, or how much you contribute to their future education. While this may seem easier than filing a formal modification petition, it does not change the legal requirements of your child support or child custody order. A court cannot enforce these changes if one partner decides to disregard them, and you could even expose yourself to a lawsuit from your partner if your behavior violates a court order.

A successful modification petition can legally change:

If you and your partner agree on a proposed modification, the legal changes can be made through a court-approved conciliation meeting between the two of you and your attorneys. If you disagree, you will have to prove to a judge that the modification is necessary and in the best interests of your children (if it affects them). In either situation, I can provide you with personalized counsel and assertive representation. I will help you understand your options, organize your priorities and provide you with the efficient, cost-effective service that can secure the modification you are seeking.

Call For Straightforward, Supportive Counsel

To schedule a consultation with an experienced, empathetic post-divorce modification attorney, contact my firm, the Law Office of Karen C. Ozyjowski, P.A. You can call 352-725-7002 or complete my online form. I will meet with you personally to evaluate your situation and determine whether you have grounds to file a modification petition and can guide you through the process of advancing that petition through the legal system. Consultations are $100 for a 30-minute session.