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When parents who are divorcing or who have never been married share children, a crucial question arises: who gets custody? Choosing where and with whom your children will live may be one of the most important decisions a divorce requires, and it certainly is not one that should be left up to chance.

When custody is disputed in Florida divorces, a judge makes the final decision based on each parent’s living and financial situation. In these cases, having a skilled, sympathetic attorney to advocate for your right to child custody is essential. At the Law Office of Karen C. Ozyjowski, P.A., I use my more than 20 years of legal experience to provide you with the assertive representation you need to create a safe, secure future for your child. I will work with you personally to evaluate your goals, address your concerns and help you understand what you can expect during the process of determining child custody.

Joint Versus Sole Custody Arrangements

Under Florida law, child custody can be either joint or sole.

In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share responsibility for raising, caring for and educating the child. They must make decisions about where the child will go to school, what faith the child will be brought up in and what type of medical care the child receives together. The child will spend time living with both parents, on a schedule agreed to by the parents or determined by the court.

In a sole custody arrangement, a single parent is responsible for raising, caring for and educating the child. That makes all decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, and the child lives with that parent. The parent who is not granted sole custody may be awarded visitation rights by the court so that they can remain part of the child’s life.

Joint custody is the most common arrangement for Florida parents and children. However, no matter your relationship with your child’s other parent, having an attorney represent you in child custody proceedings is extremely important. It can ensure that the child’s best interests are presented fairly and accurately in divorce proceedings and that your parental rights are asserted with the energy and empathy you deserve.

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