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Should I wait for my children to grow up before I get divorced?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Family Law

Many parents try to avoid getting divorced for the benefit of their children. On one hand, starting together means giving their children a stable home. On the other hand, parents may become frustrated and angry because they have to delay their divorce.

Parents may stay together without issues until their children are old enough to move out. The issues in a marriage may only build over time, however, and parents may not be able to wait for their children to grow up. Parents may begin questioning if they’re doing the right thing for their children. The answer may be surprising. Here’s what you should know:

Getting a divorce for the benefit of your children

While the idea that parents should stay together for their children may come from a good place, it may negatively affect children’s well-being over time. Children are partially attuned to their parents’ emotional states. Parents who fight and argue in the presence of their children may give the wrong impression of what a healthy relationship looks like.

Even if parents try to hide their feelings about their marital issues and talk behind closed doors, children may perceive tension and resentment. These feelings may affect children’s development, which can cause depression and anxiety.

Divorce will still likely be an especially hard time for children. Children will likely see their world change drastically. For instance, they may live in two homes and only see one parent at a time. However, many parents find that they’re happier after getting divorced, which may impress upon their children and help their development.

Parents who want to help their children during a divorce should consider reaching out for legal help to understand their options.