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Answers to common questions about child support in Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Family Law

As a parent, you may have many questions and concerns about what will happen to your kids during and after your divorce. Since providing for the basic needs of their children is often a top concern, child support is on the minds of most divorcing parents.

Florida courts recognize that children have a right to care and support from both parents, so they order noncustodial parents to contribute to their care. If you have other concerns about child support or questions that need answers, the following information may help.

Is a child support order the final word?

No. Judges know that life circumstances can bring about the need to modify a child support order. For example, if you or your co-parent suffers a loss in income, either can request a modification of the original child support order to accommodate the new financial dynamics.

What happens if the supporting parent stops paying?

Child support programs have several options to enforce a court order when a parent does not meet their obligations. For example, they may garnish the parent’s wages, levy their bank accounts or place a lien on their property (vehicles, real estate, etc.) to collect support.

How do courts determine the child support amount?

In Florida, the main factor used to calculate child support is the total income of both parents, but courts also account for expenses like taxes and insurance. Additionally, they look at unique factors when applicable, such as if the children have special needs.

Of course, you probably have other questions you would like to have answered. Continue researching the concerns that bother you most and consider obtaining a legal opinion from a knowledgeable source