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Has divorce impacted your child’s school performance? 

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Family Law

Getting divorced is rarely a decision that parents take lightly, but it is often best all around for the family. While both parents may understand this, it can be more difficult for children to digest. 

Your child spends most of their time at school, and you are not there in person to see how they are getting on. You can only go by what they tell you at home and what their teachers’ reports say. How do you know if your child is finding school difficult after divorce

Acting out 

Most children get up to mischief occasionally, but this rarely extends to something serious. Your child has never been officially reprimanded at school. However, you recently had a phone call from the principal, asking you to come and collect your child. Upon arrival, you discover that they have been acting out and have been sent home as a result. Fighting, acting out and other unusual behaviors could be related to the stress from the divorce proceedings. 

Becoming withdrawn 

Many kids are cagey about what happens during their school days, but parents tend to get something out of them after persisting. Recently, your child has been having none of it though. They clam up at the mere mention of school and disappear to their room whenever you bring it up. If they are having a hard time, then they may be reluctant to share this information.

What can you do as parents? 

After divorce, it’s important to let your children know that both parents are still around. Nothing has changed in terms of you loving them as parents. Both of you can work with the school to help get your child back on track. 

By having a suitable custody arrangement in place, you’ll be much better placed to provide your children with all the care and support that they need. When going through the divorce process, make sure you have some legal guidance behind you.